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Engineering for small wind turbines. Specialists in CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC Turning.

CHC - Engineering services to renewable energy industry. Specialists in CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC Turning.

Engineering for the Renewable Energy Market


The successful growth and longevity of CHC Engineers is as a result of our active policy to develop new processes and continually invest in equipment and training.

This has resulted in us having the skills and attitude to enter new markets and over recent years CHC has begun producing critical component parts for the renewable energy market, mainly in the Small Wind Power generation sector.

The skills we offer this sector include:

  • Excellent technical skills; advice, consultancy, design and prototyping.
  • Advice and recommendation on materials suitability.
  • State of the art equipment including multi axis machinery and robotic loading.
  • High and low volume, quick turnaround batch runs.
  • Full traceability of materials.
  • Robust process control systems; First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR), process control charts and quality plans.

Our reputation for undertaking complex projects that require a high level of collaboration has ensured that the opportunity this market offers continues to grow.

Currently our projects range from Multi Axis Turning & Milling of small and large precision components through to machining of complex, difficult to machine components such as:

  • Gears and transmission parts.
  • Rotor shafts, bushes and bearings.
  • Brake assemblies.
  • Arrester gear.

CHC are also highly skilled in engineering components from difficult to machine materials such as silicone steel, copper and cold rolled laminated steel. These materials are commonly used in the construction of wind turbines, due to their good magnetic properties.

We can also provide Heat Treatment services, Protective Treatment Services including Plating, Painting, Phosphating or Sheridised finishes.  All treatments are carried out accordance with customer specifications and requirements.

The successful growth of CHC has allowed us to continually invest in an on-going programme of process improvement to facilitate the implementation of the latest Lean Manufacturing techniques; these include First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR), Process Control Charts and Quality Plans.

To ensure increased customer satisfaction and assurance in this demanding industrial sector, CHC also provide full traceability of materials and batch monitoring/ control.

We are the one stop CNC machining service

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